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COM-ception – Pastor LeJuan and Charlotte Washington have been married for 25+ years and have 2 sons Patrick and Christian. Pastor Washington has been an Ordained Minister for 20 years and currently a partner at a local insurance firm. Charlotte Washington is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Philander Smith College and Supervisor at local health insurance company.

History: I (Pastor LeJuan) received the Pastoral calling in 2010 but did not accept the calling until late 2015. Since I was a child until now, my life consists of a very active church or ministry lifestyle (the primary reason for my resistance to accepting the call to Pastor) and recently I had become frustrated with the traditional church environment because my experiences consisted of really good emotional experiences, but my life and the life of my family and my community seemed unchanged especially socially and economically. While my church and ministry experiences were challenging at times, those experiences and teachings are the foundation of my spiritual relationship with God. Those experiences showed me that God is truly All in All, inherently expanding my understanding of who God really is.

One day as I was driving and arguing with God (2015) about the reasons why there is not a need for another Pastor to duplicate the status quo and “especially not me”; God told me “I (God) never ask you to duplicate anything, I just wanted a “Yes” and an ear to hear my voice. At that point God reminded me of the scripture Genesis 2:7 that states “when God breathed the breath of life a to man, man became a living soul”. The understanding I received was when God breathed the breath of Life into all of us we were given everything we need to succeed because we are all here on “Purpose”. Since we all have all we need to succeed, we just need to find our “Purpose” and cultivate it. The purpose of COM is to share spiritual, social, economic resources, and give back to our communities……because we all have something positive to give or contribute in society. We are “Better Together”!!!



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